To Do? Just Do it.

“Just do it!”. What if it really could be that easy?

Would you like to be able to “just do it!” whenever you choose to? But it doesn’t always work that way?
Yeah. Me, too…

The bad news:

What we call our personality is essentially a computer program whose primary instruction is “survival”. It follows a set of rules, beliefs, and heuristics shaped by our surroundings, society, and chance. Most people will live their whole lives within the boundaries set by their programming — and that’s quite understandable:

  1. Moving beyond programs takes a shitload of painful work.
  2. It doesn’t necessarily lead to a better life in any conventional sense.
  3. Even a modest degree of success with that quest is the exception to the rule. Case in point: All those people seeking spiritual liberation who’re blissfully (and often, very unblissfully) unaware that “seeking freedom” is just another program riding them.

What happens when we tell ourselves to “just do it” — but then fail to follow through?

Conflicting program instructions. The partial programs concerned with security (including fear of failure in its myriad shapes and forms) overrule the ones who’re all about getting shit done. Instead of yielding peacefully to the security posse, they often retaliate by triggering the “Guilt, Shame, and Beat-Ourselves-Up”-subroutines. With some major events, we even get treated to a full system crash.

But that’s a topic for another post, or book, or three…


Don’t tell me about it, just do it.

The good news:

We can upgrade those programs quite easily. Making our lives that much better, adding a bit of freedom here and there.

How to "just do it!"

Making “just doing it” easy

We can work with our programming and start bending some spoons, err, rules — little by little. Here’s one experiment to prove this true for you:

  1. For the next three days, whenever you’re about to begin an action (starting on a new task, moving from a to b, taking a leak…), pause — count to three — and on “three” you start whatever kind of physical movement the action requires.
  2. Just to be clear — even though it’s incredibly silly, please do this with the tiniest actions, as well as the big ones, as much as you possibly can. Make it a running gag.
  3. On day four (and not a day sooner!) pick a couple of things you don’t much care to do — actions that are not exactly embodiments of the sum of your fears, but rather…mildly onerous. Like doing the dishes RIGHT AWAY, or something similar. Same process: Count to three, and on three, start moving your body in whatever way seems to make sense, given the nature of the task.
  4. You have probably figured out the rest already: Slowly (over the course of weeks and months) increase the resistance-level of the actions you choose to perform your magic three-count on. Always start moving your body immediately on three, and just keep moving it until the action segment is done.
  5. If you ACT ON THESE STEPS, you create a universal “just do it”-program, launched by simply counting to three. Have fun enjoying life beyond the comfort zone :-)

And, please, remember:

You can’t really upgrade your programs by analysing them, and not by reading stuff, either. If now your mind comes in and says:

“Well, if that’s your brilliant advice, I might as well just do it right away and skip all that counting shit.”

Great. Just Do it ;-)

Should you later on find that you don’t — try the above. You might like it.

Much love, c

P.S.: Here’s the movie that triggered this post. Makes for a great reward for the next time you’ve just done it. And if you want to bathe yourself in the Dao of “Just Do It”, I’ve included a couple more links for your perusing pleasure…

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Just Do It

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