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Act on It: Turning a brilliant list into brilliant change

Putting Benjamin’s list to good use

Mr. Benjamin P. Hardy published quite the useful list with our friends at Medium: 50 (!) Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms

Just reading the list is plenty inspiring already, but — is that all you’re looking for? If it’s not, consider acting on it. Now, Here & Today ;-):

Time to spend now: 5 Minutes
Commitment Timeframe: 1 Month

Are we good? Let’s go:


  1. Scan Benjamin’s whole list — you’ll have heard most of this before. While doing that, watch your gut reactions to each of the 50 Ways.
  2. Choose the one that you loved (or hated) the most.
  3. What’s the first tiny small step you can take right now to start making your choice part of your life, part of your identity?
  4. Take that first step. Now. Please. It won’t work unless you do.
  5. What’s your commitment for the next month? What can and will you do, without fail, every day to move this forward? Make it small, tiny — make it so minuscule that you’re certain that you can and will do it every day,  no matter how busy things get.
  6. Enjoy & celebrate your upgraded habit :-)


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