Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: A Week’s Worth of Insights

There are five major Monday Motivation insights hidden in the story below.

See if you can spot them all :-)


Today, 4.58am

The alarm rings softly.
I act immediately, hitting the snooze button like a true champion: Decisively. Emphatically. Unequivocally! 
That alarm will think twice before ever ringing again.Monday Motivation

Moving on to the next order of business:
Getting body into upright position.
Decisiveness emphatically declares this a lost cause and unequivocally abandons ship:

First, there’s fighting to fashion a semi-coherent intention of “getting up” out of all this soft warm black fuzziness that’s singing sweet lullabies about sinking back into it.
Second, begging my hands to leave the safety and warmth of the blanket behind, so they can check if my eyes are still there. Upon receiving confirmation, I ask them to pry those eyelids open. Pretty much like unscrewing a pickle jar with a stuck…lid.
Once that’s done, getting them to actually focus on anything…well.

No part of this body reacts to the first command, they all need repeat invitations. In triplicate, stamped, with return signature.
To be fair, whatever voice it is that urges me forward is more like a faint sighing whispered plea than a command.

If I weren’t under duress of the second alarm clock going off LOUDLY any minute now, waking everyone in the house unless defused, I’d be toast.
Warm, fuzzy, blissfully dreaming toast.


Left with no choice but rising, I get up and proceed with the program: Writing. This.



Sounds like I need a lot more practice getting up, doesn’t it? Thing is, I’ve been getting up this early for quite some time now.

And THIS is me doing GREAT.

The first few hundred times of trying to get up at 5am, I usually —  didn’t. Get up at all, I mean.
And if I did, I was rewarded with a mood menue offering exactly two dishes:
“Murderously Mad” and “Suicidally Sad”.



In about an hour, I’ll pause work, and the dogs will take me for a run:Monday Motivation

I don’t know if Nils Holgerson clinging to a goose while being taken on a surprise migration is an internationally recognised image. But it’s like that. Minus the flying.

I call it RaPIT.

Short for “Rabbit-Powered Interval Training”.

Pronounced exactly like “rabid”.




Rain pounds on the roof and windows. The East wind howls a chilling good morning. Literally. Cause, look how sweet, it even brought some polar air along with it.

Running should be extra fun today.

Meanwhile, the only movement coming from the dogs is a slight shift so I can better massage their bellies, otherwise they’re sound asleep. Sleeeeeeep. Cuddle….just for a minute….

Temptation, thou art furry and cute!



Remember those really tough and muscular Greeks screaming


and what they taught us about the proper pedagogic approach to raising your kids?

It seemed like a good idea (at the time) to put myself on a mild, modernised version of this. None of the screaming, more like whispering softly:

“this is sorta kinda a little bit like sparta.”

My nerd-sparta involves nothing but straight work after getting up, then being dragged after rabbits through deep sand and dunes spiked with all sorts of vegetation. Next, giving myself time to cool down while shaving before following through on my 30-day challenge (more on that soon) of having a long, lovely frigid shower outside, with no one but cold November rain and brother East wind to join me :-).

The first thing on my schedule that I have no mixed feelings about is still almost three hours in the future: My first coffee break, snuggling against the fireplace.

Coffee never tasted that good.



The bottom line:

I’m not one of those people who wake up easily with a smile on their face, overflowing with gratitude, ready to embrace the day with all its surprises.


(I’m not one of those people, YET!)

And herein lies the first of the five Monday Motivation Insights*:

The power of “yet”.

Here are the other four:

  1. Gratitude vs. it’s extrovert sister: Celebration
  2. Setting up systems, commanding the power of commitment at will, and evolving “you” (They need to be viewed as a whole, but might span more than one post.)
  3. Tuning your inner voice (literally)
  4. Sparta Points: Learning to love pain & discomfort

If you didn’t spot them all, and think the above is pretty vague — I agree.

The thing is, I don’t want to hand you information, you’ve got plenty of that. I want you to have insightsdistinctions that go click, change things, and really provide a boost to whatever it is you want in life.
Puzzling things out is really useful for that :-)

So I’ll make you a deal:

I’ll go into detail on each of those five things for the rest of this week.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read, puzzle and follow through on each of them. If you do that, and this week doesn’t turn out to be one of the best ever, you get to throw icicles at me on top of the ice-cold shower thing. Or, I could buy you a beer next time you’re in my neck of the woods. Whatever gets you going ;-p

Mantra of the Week:

I wouldn’t make you read all this and not leave you with a single bit to act on:

This one alone should fulfil my best-week-ever-promise, IF acted upon.

I did, and found myself singing Italian opera (very loudly, very badly) while doing the dishes just now.

Nanuk's Monday Motivation

Our Mantra of the Week, proudly presented by Nanuk, the Wise Bear:

How could I make this thing I’m about to do just a little bit more enjoyable than usual?

Apply liberally. Ideally, you’ll ask yourself this question all day and all week long, every time you enter a new segment of your day, every time you start a new task, every time you meet someone…

What do you think that would do to your week?


Have fun, and much love


*And how unbelievably corny Monday Motivation Insights sounds. But I’m new and need the search engines to notice me, and this is what they want. If you don’t like watching me sell my soul to the Google, YOU could really help with that…if you’d like. Share, comment, bring your friends…