Scott Adams & Understanding the Election

Trump, Scott Adams & Persuasion – Where do we go from here?

My two cents on this election:

A) Hopefully, knowledge about persuasion and the way our programs and cognitive biases are played upon will become much more widespread during the attempt to understand what happened here. If you were surprised by the election’s result, take Trump at face value, or would like to be both entertained AND educated, please read Scott Adams’ blog. Beginning with this one: Scott Adams on Trump as President

B) Memo to Self: It’s time to remember that our freedoms are not guaranteed, and that we can’t just live quiet private lives and hope that somebody else will take care of things. I’ve turned away from being active in politics by age 20, because the whole game seemed so distasteful, useless and stupid. I guess that will have to change.

Much love, c

P.S.: In case anyone’s waiting for Part III – tomorrow we return to our regular scheduled program ;-)

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